9 Free Places to Hold Client Meetings

When we first start our creative entrepreneurship journey we may not have an office space to hold client meetings. Today I am sharing some of my favorite FREE places to hold client meetings!

Coffee Shops

Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and your cute neighborhood coffee shops are all great locations to hold a client meeting. Most of these shops are relatively quiet during the weekdays because most people are at work so the only people you’ll find in the shop are the baristas and a few other entrepreneurs!

Co-Working Space (If you are a member it’s usually free)

This option isn’t completely free but if you are a member of a co-working space you can usually hold client meetings there and have lots of privacy and a “professional” looking space to meet in since you are a member.


IHOP is overlooked as a place to meet clients but who can resist pancakes. Also the waitresses don’t bother you if you order something and let them know you are having a meeting.

Order some toast, meet your client, and conduct business.

Other restaurants you can hold meetings in are Panera Bread and the Atlanta Bread Company, if you are willing to pay try Red Lobster, Longhorn, and Texas Roadhouse if you’re fancy.


This is one of our favorite “places” to hold meetings. Commuting sometimes is inconvenient and meeting online is FREE!

You can use Zoom or Skype to conduct your meetings and they can even be recorded on those platforms for reference purposes. Conducting meetings virtually is an effective use of your time.


The library is a little known gem for client meetings but it has everything you need. Tables, chairs, wifi, and quiet.

Most libraries have conference rooms you can meet in and you can reserve one with your library card.


Want to get outdoors and have a more relaxed and nature inspired meeting? Head to your local park. Pick a time that isn’t too hot (or too cold) and enjoy working outside at a park table.


Another under-utilized location. Universities have so many areas to conduct meetings. Namely, the library and student centers.

Universities also are very professional environments and have meeting rooms (usually in the library) that are perfect for holding private meetings.


Book-a-million and the local bookstore are another hot spot location to conduct a meeting!

Wifi, coffee, space, and books for reference are available which makes this a great meeting spot.

Your Home

We only recommend opening your home for client meetings if you know and feel comfortable with your client. We definitely don’t recommend having all meetings in your home. It would be even better if you have a garage or shed you can turn into a (ventilated) office space.

However, conducting meetings in your home office could be a great meeting location depending on what business you have.

I hope these locations get you thinking creatively about where you want to host your next client meeting!

What are some of your favorite (FREE) meeting locations?

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