9 Questions to Answer About Your Business to Find Your Ideal Client

We always talk about finding your ideal client; however, identifying your ideal client is more than knowing who the person you would like to work with is. It is also about knowing who you are and what your business is.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when you are creating a concept of what your business is and how you are serving your ideal client.

1. What service do you provide?

This is super easy. What exactly do you provide with your business. No details here, in 3 words or less what service or product do you have.

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2. What is your brand?

Not the surface level stuff like your colors but actually what you want people to feel and take away when they encounter your brand. For example, as a wedding photographer my brand is that I am your best friend taking pictures that will last a lifetime. I want you to feel comfortable and know that I will capture all the candid moments that show your love story. You will feel confident in knowing that the images I create will be timeless and authentic to you as a couple. Yes, I have brand colors and a certain editing style but what is more important to me is how I want you to feel when you see my brand.

3. What is your brand voice?

Is your brand voice fun and millennial or mature and informative? If your brand could talk, what would it sound like? This is your brand voice. Write down 5 words that describe how your brand would sound.

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4. What does your business do best?

This is an in depth version of the first question I asked. Take some time to think about this question. If you are a web designer, what is the one thing that you do that you receive compliments and the most feedback on. It could be that you create unique signature fonts for your clients. With this question, I challenge you to think of the ONE thing in your business that you do best! It is important to know what you do best because this is your sweet spot and you can tailor everything you do to involve this one aspect of your business. This is your ground zero point and everything else becomes the cherry on top!

5. What is your elevator pitch?

If you had 10-15 seconds to explain your business, what would you say? It’s important to have an elevator pitch because people’s time is important and they may not have time to hear a 3-5 minute pitch. Having a short pitch will hook people ad show that you know exactly what you have to offer and how it can help them. In a couple sentences write out your elevator pitch and then say it a million times so you have it at the ready when the time comes. The first elevator pitch I created went a little something like this:

I work with female creatives who want to dominate their creative business through coaching, social media management, workshops, and photography.

6. Who is your competition?

Everyone has competitors. Even though we promote community over competition, in your field there are people that you are competing with and its important to know who they are. Once you have identified who they are, you can set yourself apart.

Know what they offer, who they cater to, what are their price points, why do people like them, what has made them successful and in what areas do they fail (then you can fill the space that they are NOT in).

For example, if I say I am a photographer then every other photographer is my competition but if I say I am a wedding photographer then I am not competing with portrait photographers or baby photographers so my competition pool just got smaller. The next thing I have done is to identify 5 wedding photographers that I believe I compete with. At this point I will know everything I can about their business and then I can differentiate myself from them and offer services and experiences that will establish my brand as its own.

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7. Have you done your homework?

As a creative entrepreneur you need to know everything! Read, read, read, and do as much research as you can about entrepreneurship, building a business, finances, and more. Practice what you can but learn everything about your industry and field. Invest in your education. You should attend workshops to hone your craft and conferences to learn from others in the industry on how to grow your business. Education is a constant thing. It’s time to embrace the fact that you will be a lifelong student.

8. Have you asked your peers?

Ask people what they think about your product and how your work makes them feel. Get feedback because this helps you determine if what you are offering is speaking to the right people.

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9. Are you being seen?

You’ll never find your ideal client if you aren’t actively seeking them out so go to events, be on social media and post, get involved in school activities or community service events held by the community. This is all about networking and widening your audience


Next we will talk about WHO your ideal client is. The truth is, if you don’t know who you are and what you are providing then you won’t know who you WANT or NEED to be working with.

So, comment below and tell me what your answers are to the above questions! I want to challenge you to take a few moments and really think about your answers!

xoxoxo Kay

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