Blogging For Success with Lynette of the Pink Cocktail Society

It’s hard to believe I have successfully recorded and uploaded 10 podcast episodes. It wasn’t until this year (2018), that I decided to be consistent in my business. I am so thankful for this journey because I get to meet amazing women like Lynette, founder of The Pink Cocktail Society.

Lynette is a lifestyle blogger and covers topics ranging from fashion to being a mother. She is a mom of FIVE and a survivor of domestic violence.

So many nuggets are dropped about how to start a blog and how she remains consistent in her blogging business! Lynette really does a good job at explaining how you can get started as a lifestyle blogger without spending tons of money.

I love how we had a chance to chat about being AUTHENTIC! As a blogger/influencer, it is important to be authentic and to only promote products and services you truly love. The only way to remain successful as a blogger is to be transparent and connect with your audience. Lynette clearly checks all the boxes of a great blogger and the tips she offers are nothing short of amazing!

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