Brand Building and Building an Authentic Brand with Nay

Today I am chatting about brand building with Janee Elaine Gresham, aka Nay. She is a forever growing Entre•Boss•ler (entrepreneur, boss, & hustler). Jay is limitless with a desire to help others manifest their passion. She founded “That Girl, inc.” a nonprofit organization in 2016 based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Owner of Get Crowned LLC. where she creates fun tutu outfits, host sleepovers, and a heap of other things. She also assists millennials on starting personal & business brands at the Bizy Boss Academy.

Building a brand that is actually going to grow requires authenticity. The topic of being an authentic creative is something Nay and I talk about at length.

We also chat about how there is nothing new under the sun. I am a huge believer in courses but one thing we can agree on is that some courses are not what they say they are. Don’t fall into the trap of buying a bunch of expensive courses that do not change the course of your business.

This makes me really excited about Nay’s upcoming workbook to help you build your brand because she is compiling all the resources that she has come across in building her many brands to help you have a creative business that generates revenue.

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