Doing the Inner W.E.R.K as an Entrepreneur with Danielle Fontenont

Standing at over 6 feet tall, former top WNBA draft pick and international basketball player, Model, and Corporate Leadership Trainer, Danielle Fontenot, is a transformational speaker with a dynamic blend of experiences under her belt. She is an Inner W.E.R.K. Coach and the founder of She’s T.A.L.L. & All, an organization dedicated to helping women Take Action & Live Life…the life they so desire. Danielle coaches women with virtual courses from her School of Inner W.E.R.K. in addition to live events.

The mentoring of our youth is another deeply rooted passion for Danielle. She speaks powerfully from her heart to young girls and teens. As an awkward and very tall youth, some personal experiences she faced included dealing with the challenges of bullying, racial identity, and low self-esteem. With two young daughters of her own, she understands that women who win at life begin with girls who grow in a healthy manner physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Whether it’s through her work with women and youth, or in her roles as a corporate business woman, entrepreneur, wife and mother, Danielle Fontenot is the epitome of a relationship architect. She truly believes that forming and cultivating strong, positive relationships with clearly-defined, healthy boundaries is a recipe for living a successful life.

In today’s episode we discuss the importance of doing the inner werk to succeed as an entrepreneur!

Some notable quotes from this episode are:

“When you know yourself, you don’t have to explain anything.”

“You don’t have to be perfect to get it done.”

“Stop asking for permission, you don’t need it to do what you need to do.”

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