How to Attract Your Ideal Client

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A couple weeks ago I did a blog post on 3 Steps to IDENTIFY Your Ideal Client. Today I am going to share how to ATTRACT your ideal client.

Now that you know WHO you want to work with, you can now market to them and get them to need or want your product or services.

So, how can you attract your ideal client?

1. Build your brand

Starbucks has a very strong brand presence.
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Brand building helps you establish credibility and authority. If you have a strong and consistent visual brand (logo, website, social media) your potential clients will find you more credible.

Your brand isn’t just your logo and colors, it’s also your voice and tone. How are you speaking and relating to your audience? Are you being relatable and personable.

If people can relate or trust you then they will become increasingly attracted to your product or service. Use words from the word bank that we created in the “3 Steps to Identify Your Ideal Client.”

Having a website, blog, and being on social media are all part of building your brand. By having comments, shares, likes, reviews, etc you will gain social proof which shows others that your brand is credible.

When you purchase an item, don’t you check the reviews first or see if other people have bought and like the product? That is all part of building a brand, getting some social proof (or “street cred” as I call it).

Ultimately, you want to have a strong brand so that you can stay top of mind to your ideal clients.

2. Strong messaging and Call to Actions

I love using call to actions and having specific messaging. Be explicit and clear about who you are talking to and what you want them to do, think, or feel when they read or see your content.

Your content should speak SPECIFICALLY to your ideal client and have a clear CTA to show them how they can further their relationship with you and purchase!

I use call to actions in all my written, audio, and visual content. Very rarely do I post something to my audience without asking them to do something, whether it’s to “share,” “like,” “comment” or something else.

Check out this post on how to write an effective call to action!

3. Be where your audience is

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I am an advocate of showing up online; however, you must be strategic. If your audience is on Facebook don’t waste hours on Instagram. Instead, direct people on Instagram to Facebook for them to engage with you where the majority of your community is.

Make sure you stay top of mind. Wherever your audience is showing up, you should be there. If they can’t see you, your work, or your content, then they can’t be your customer.

To break this down: find out where the MAJORITY of your audience is and focus all your marketing efforts there. Then, on your other social media channels DIRECT your audience to meet you on your primary platform.

4. Have a customer first mentality

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Your business has a lot of value and so do your customers. Without your customers you don’t have a business.

With this in mind, you have to recognize how your product or service will HELP your client and put them FIRST with top notch customer service and sincerity.

Making sure you give a positive user experience and that everything your business does is for the benefit of your customer will attract more of your ideal clients.

If you give people good service they will shout your praises from the rooftops.

If you lack customer service, you will have a thorn in your side forever.

5. Follow up!!!

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The money is in the follow up! This is less about attracting your ideal client and more about having good business sense, but I had to include it in this list.

If someone reaches out to you, keep following up until they say “no”. Sometimes people don’t know that they are your ideal client until you continue to reach out to them, so consistently follow up.

I followed up with a girl for 3 months before she finally booked a photoshoot with me. When she finally booked her session she said, “Kay you are so good at getting back to me. No one else has kept in touch. Life got busy and I had to postpone my shoot but because you kept checking in, I felt comfortable going with you.”

Chileeee, make a schedule and follow up with your potential clients. People are busy!

Sometimes you aren’t booked or your product isn’t purchased because people get sidetracked! Keep following up and stay top of mind.

6. Be Consistent

I can’t say this enough. Consistency is KING! If you consistently add value and have good content you will attract your ideal client.

Make sure you are consistently showing up online or in person and stay TOP OF MIND!

Lastly, remember QUALITY over quantity. Being consistent doesn’t mean writing a blog post every day. It means writing one QUALITY blog post (like this one) each week or every two weeks.

Whatever you do, make sure you consistently show up for your audience.

7. Create a referral system

Lastly you can attract your ideal client by having a referral system.

“Birds of a feather flock together.”

I know you have heard that one. If someone hires you or buys your product, they are bound to know at least ONE person that needs or wants your product or service.

Create a referral system to encourage and incentivize your clients/customers to refer you to other people. Now you can reach more potential ideal clients.

I hope these 7 points help you attract your ideal client. I live by each of these points and will continue to because my businesses are flourishing because of it!

Comment below and let me know which of these methods do you use to attract your ideal client? (see how I used a call to action)

xoxox Kay

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