How To Promote Your Business When Just Starting Out

One question I’m always asked is:

How do I promote my business when I’m just getting started?

Just because you are new does NOT mean you don’t have something valuable to offer.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business, promoting yourself is promoting yourself.

It’s no easier for an established brand to promote than a new business.

Now that we have that out the way…

Here are 6 ways you can promote yourself:


1. Social Media

Social media is my favorite way to promote my business. This method definitely requires a bit of strategy but if you do it right you can gain lots of visibility for your business.

Social media should be used to BUILD and CONNECT with your audience. While you can certainly monetize your social media, when you are first getting started using social media as a way to build, add value, and bring awareness to your brand, THEN monetize!

On social media you can build organically or with paid traffic. I highly recommend when starting out focus on building an organic audience. Once you hit your first 1000 followers then you can switch to paid traffic.

**Don’t be afraid to go LIVE! Going live allows your audience to get to know your voice and connect with you!

Things to do: post regularly, utilize hashtags, have call to actions, create a strong bio, use link in bio, share a variety of content, respond to comments and DMs, engage with others

2. Blog

Starting a blog is a great way to promote your business.

If you start a blog, consistency is key. In addition to being consistent make sure you share your content on social media so your audience can see it. Attaching an email list to your blog can also build awareness of your brand and alert those who follow you that you have a new blog post.

Blog posts should be relevant to your product or service. Blogging about your #OOTD when you are a tutor is not the most helpful thing for your brand so make sure you blog on topic.

Things to do: post consistently, practice good SEO, blog about things specific to your business

3. Video Content (Youtube, Vimeo, etc)

Not good with words or don’t want to blog?

Video content is a great way for your audience to connect with you and your brand’s personality.

Sharing your business on Youtube is a great way to build awareness and promote yourself.

Youtube is free and you can share promotional content as well as educational content to attract your ideal client.

Things to do: optimize for the platform, post consistently (on Youtube), SEO optimization


1. Networking events

Attending events whether they are networking events or a family barbecue are great ways to help you promote your business.

At events you have the opportunity to share your business with others and form relationships

Things to do: source events, hang out with friends and family, get business cards or have a way for people to connect with you after the event

2. Connect with vendors and others in the industry

Making friends with others in your industry and industries related to your business is important when trying to promote your brand.

Connecting with people in complementary industries is great for promoting your business because you can now create referral partnerships. Essentially, you refer people to them and they refer people to you.

For example: a wedding photographer may connect with an event planner and caterer. By doing this the photographer can refer their client to the planner and caterer and vice versa.

Things to do: connect via social media, be personable and relatable, make friends

3. Ask for referrals

Already have a client or 2? Ask them for a referral. Offer them an incentive to refer you more clients!

Things to do: open your mouth and ask, create a referral program

Again, whether you are just getting started or have been in business for years, promotion is the same.

The key to promoting your business when just starting out is to have a PLAN. Once you have a plan (using any of the suggestions above or ones you think of) then you can execute and get the word out about your business.

It’s not hard, you just have to take the first step!

xoxoxo Kay

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    • Shes a Creative

      Thanks girl! You definitely should do a referral program! Those are really helpful! Most of my clients come from word of mouth referrals!

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