How to Start a Podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud in 10 Steps

Starting a podcast has been a hot topic lately. Everyone with something to say is transitioning to starting a podcast. If you are wondering how to start a podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud, here are a few easy steps to get you right where you need to be. (If you already have episodes recorded skip to step 7).

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Getting Started

Step 1 – Coming Up With a Topic and Niche

This step is crucial. While you may want to start a podcast it is important to take some time to actually come up with a topic that you are an expert in or that you can consistently talk about.

Having a clear topic and niche will attract more listeners to your podcast. Take some time and think of some topics you would like to talk about and then categorize all those topics. For example, on the She’s a Creative Podcast a few topics I cover are: business building, blogging, and being a creative. My listeners can expect to hear a combination of any of these topics.

What topics or what niche are you planning to broadcast about?

Step 2 – Get Some Gear

Having a podcast does not require fancy gear at all. All you need is:

  • a Mic (I use the Snowball but when I first started I used iPhone headphones)
  • Laptop or Phone
  • Editing System (I prefer to use iMovie or GarageBand)

Super simple. Honestly you can start your podcast with an iPhone and iMovie on your phone. I recommend using a laptop and some sort of editing software but editing is not necessary.

Step 3 – Write Notes or Script

Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

Many people choose to just speak freely but if you are an information based podcaster I recommend jotting down at least an outline of what you plan to say. This helps you stay on topic and reminds you of all the key things you wanted to include in an episode.

Most podcasts you listen to are at least outlined and I am willing to bet many of your favorite ones are scripted. If you decide to write a complete script (please don’t), try not to read word for word but instead read it as if you are having a conversation with someone.

Step 4 – Create a Podcast Name

If you haven’t already done this, now is the time. Scripting a couple episodes and thinking about what topics you want to discuss really helps you create a name that fits what your podcast is about. If your name is your brand (and you have a decent following) then using your name would be a great option; however, to most people you are a stranger so creating a catchy but accurate title is key.

Step 5 – Record

Duh. Just do the thing.

Step 6 – Edit + Save

This step isn’t necessary (well you should save it). It’s helpful if you stumble over your words or your doorbell rings while recording to edit your podcast. Make sure you save your file as “audio only.”

The Tech

Step 7 – Upload to SoundCloud

If you don’t already have an account sign up for one here. SoundCloud only gives you a limited amount of time for free. You can start with the free version and as you need more time, upgrade your account.

Next, select “Upload” in the top bar.

Fill out each blank of your episode. At this point you can schedule or post your episode immediately.

Now you have a podcast on SoundCloud! Congrats!

If you want to put your podcast on iTunes there are just a couple extra steps!

Step 8 – Create an iTunes Connect Account

Go to iTunes Connect (click here)

Login to Your iTunes Account

Select Podcast

Step 9 – Upload your RSS Feed from SoundCloud

After you set up your iTunes Connect and select Podcast it will ask for your RSS feed. This is found on SoundCloud where you originally uploaded and have your podcast hosted. When you give iTunes your RSS feed from SoundCloud, all the episodes you record and upload will be on both SoundCloud and iTunes!

In SoundCloud go to “Settings”

Then select “Content”

The first thing will be your RSS feed. Copy it!

Paste the code into iTunes and select “Validate”

At this point iTunes will pull whatever available episodes you have an decide if you podcast is approved. This can take 2-14 business days.

Now you have a podcast on iTunes! Congrats!

Step 10 – Share with your Audience

What’s the point in having a podcast if no one is listening? Share with your family, friends, and social media to get listeners to your podcast! Ask people to subscribe, leave a review, and share with their family and friends!

Hope this helped!

xoxox Kay

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