Mindset Shifts + Limiting Beliefs


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3 limiting beliefs that may be hurting your business:

I don’t have the time

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. There are single moms out here working on their business 70+ hours a week. The truth is that your business is not a PRIORITY in this season, but guess what?

That’s ok! It’s ok if your biz isn’t a priority this week. There’s always next week! Stop being so hard on yourself but be HONEST sis! Your biz isn’t a priority today.

I don’t have the money to invest or get started

Whew…. Money is meant to circulate. When you choose not to invest in coaching or courses or when you constantly stalk the internet for freebies or when you choose to use cheaper ingredients in your products you are saying to yourself “money is scarce and I don’t believe it will come back to me.”

Money always comes back, but the only way it can come back to you is if you let it go.

Invest in your education, invest in your business and your money can grow and return 10 fold!

I don’t have the skill or know where to start

Did you know there are two schools you can go to for free to get started? 

  1. Google University
  2. Youtube Academy

These schools will tell you everything you know to get started and then you can invest in some group coaching or a one-on-one coach to help you scale and make some real money.

Stop making excuses and start DOING!

If you’ve listened let me know your AHA moment below! If you haven’t listened… go listen and let me know below what you think! Which one of these limiting beliefs do you struggle with?

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