I get it, we are all HUSTLING and trying to #SECURETHEBAG but don’t you wish you could turn your brain off for a few moments and enjoy life?


Me too sis!


Some days I am exhausted but I can’t help but to send one more email or check off one more item on my to-do list.


Self-care? What’s that?


Take a break? Yea… after I finish one more thing.


As creatives, entrepreneurs, and women we always have something to do or ideas that we want to become a reality, but what if you could work AND relax?


Well… join me for the She’s a Creative RETREAT!


We will be living our best life by enjoying the beach and learning how to grow our business!


Seriously, what’s the point of securing our own bag when we don’t even have the opportunity to enjoy it?


So… are you ready to wear cute pj’s and eat cereal while learning how to grow your empire?


Well… Don’t meet me there, beat me there.


You DESERVE a break boo! Let’s work AND play!

(Secure Your Spot with a $250 Deposit)

What You Get...

– Two full days of relaxing at the beach, content creation, and business advice.

-Fellowship + Community with 12 amazing boss women

-Cereal parties

-Shared lodging (2-4 people per room)

-Meals + Snacks

-Tons of photos!

-Individual 30 minute business deep-dives with Kay

-5+ Workshops 

(Secure Your Spot with a $250 Deposit)

Your Hostess Who's the Most-est

Hey Boo Hey!


I’m Kay, the founder of the She’s a Creative Community + Podcast!


I’m a multi-passionate cereal (pun-intended) entrepreneur. 


By day I’m a social media manager + photographer, but I’m also insanely passionate about educating and empowering as many FEMALE entrepreneurs as I can.


Did I mention cereal? Because I am obsessed with cereal! Right now I’m loving Lucky Charms! 


Anyway…I feel like I was put on this Earth to motivate and inspire other women to live their best life ON YOUR OWN TERMS!


I can’t wait to see you at the retreat!


xoxox Kay

(Secure Your Spot with a $250 Deposit)


Automation and Workflow

The only way you can scale and stay on top of things in your business is to put systems in place. Stop working on your business 24/7 and let your business work for you. 

Market Yourself

Trying to figure out how to get people to see who you are and what you offer? It’s all about effective copy and brand positioning. Let’s also talk about Facebook ads and how to use social media for your biz. It’s time to market yourself!

Business Finances

You dream of being a six-figure earner, well the only way you can do this is by knowing your numbers and being on top of your finances! Lets talk about money!

Creating Boundaries and Avoid Burnout

We have all had that client or customer that worked our last nerve. Let’s talk about boundaries sis.

Building a Team and Outsourcing

You may not be ready to hire on a full time team but we all need 1 or 2 people we can outsource a few tasks to!

Becoming an Authority

The best way to grow a business is by showing you are an authority in your industry. In this workshop we will talk all about ways you can build authority in your space.

Content Marketing

We will talk about creating content and content calendars as well as other systems to help your biz run smoothly. Also we will deep dive into email and how to create a simple email funnel to add people to your list.

Customer Service

Treating your customers and potential customers with respect and priority is key to keeping them! Let’s talk about effective customer service!

Time Management and Prioritization

There’s never enough time in a day to get it all done right? In this workshop we are going to talk about priorities and how to manage our time effectively.

Preparing for Black Friday and Q4

So many small business owners fail to capitalize on Black Friday, but this is a great season for us! Let’s plan our strategy for Black Friday and Q4 together!

(Secure Your Spot with a $250 Deposit)

The Venue

Location is subject to change up until registration period is closed. Final location will be sent to all attendees by May 31.

(Secure Your Spot with a $250 Deposit)