Self-Development + Growing Into Your Signature Self

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Self-development and Confidence.

Today we are talking with O’Shea the CEO of GLO Guidance. She provides guidance for women who struggle with their sense of self but have a mindset to grow. She does this by helping them create a better version of themselves, ultimately helping them to reach their full potential. O’Shea offers a unique perspective by looking at self-development in four different phases: The Self, The Balance, The Brainpower, and The Signature. Every phase focuses on a different dimension of self-improvement and is designed to help women confront their life with confidence. 

This episode is so insightful as we talk about the different stages of self-development. After you listen to this episode, I challenge you to walk through these phases in your mind and envision your completely developed self.

Gaining confidence in yourself and trusting who you are at the core is not easy. After this podcast you should feel inspired to be who you are and that you are kind to yourself and allow yourself to change when you conscious tells you to.

There are tons of gems and so much encouragement in this episode! I hope you are able to find your confidence and truly embrace yourself.

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