The Scoop on IGTV and Instastories to Grow Your Business


Did you know that by the end of 2019 80% of all internet content will be in video format? This is why you should start using IGTV and Instastories to grow your business today! Here are more stats by Facebook about video content. 

It is better to jump on the video train now and learn the platform and get all the kinks out than to be behind when everyone’s content is in video format.

Right now, it is super easy to make video content right from your smart phone.

What is IGTV?

A place for vertical, long form videos on Instagram. For some profiles videos less than 10 minutes can be uploaded and for larger profiles videos up to an hour can be posted. In the future, Instagram plans to have no time limit for users.

In today’s podcast I talk a lot about the features, how to use IGTV, and ways you can create video for this new format.

Ways to use IGTV to grow your business:


Video Greetings/Introductions

…. And more in the podcast


Instastories is similar to snapchat and I talk all about how you can create a highlight reel of relatable content to attract your audience and build trust among your viewers.

This is an information packed episode! Make sure you can take notes, or just replay it!

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