Top 5 Podcasts For Creative Entrepreneurs in 2018

Check out my Top 5 Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs. This was so hard to narrow down to my top 5 because I have so many podcasts I love to listen to but I know I’ll just have to break down all my favorite podcasts into different categories so I can talk about them all!

  1. The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher

The Goal Digger Podcast

This is one of my favorite podcasts because Jenna is so candid and authentic. She shares her journey as an entrepreneur and each guest on her show gives a lot of value and insight into their world as entrepreneurs and brand builders!

Jenna started out with a $300 craigslist camera and now she is a full fledged entrepreneur with an amazing team behind her. She shares every aspect of her journey and is a very thought provoking leader in the influencer and branding industry.

She is so good at finding industry leaders to share their unique journey to inspire her listeners to keep pushing and to “keep digging their biggest goals.”

Jenna is the epitome of authenticity and her message is always inspiring. Super excited about welcoming Baby Kutcher to the Goal Digger family!

If you want a raw look at how the big players in the industry have found success, you owe it to yourself to binge listen to Jenna’s podcast.

Favorite Episodes:
  • 173 – How to Batch Your Content for Instagram (and save HOURS)
  • 167 – 5 Trends I Found After Interviewing 100 Successful Women
  • 165 – How to Pay Yourself as an Entrepreneur
  • 163 – 5 Easy Ways to Promote a Freebie and Grow Your List
  • 141 – How I Booked 25 Weddings With ZERO Experience

Check out the Goal Digger podcast here on iTunes and follow her on Instagram (@thegoaldiggerpodcast).

  1. The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon

The Influencer Podcast

I don’t have enough words to describe the insight and wisdom Julie gives in her podcast. She really takes the time to give actionable steps to help you build your influence.

I just found her podcast a few weeks ago and have been binge listening ever since.

Julie gets down to the nitty gritty and shares all sorts of gems on influencer marketing. Her guest on the show are nothing short of amazing! Consistently adding to her narrative of growing in your purpose and driving profit to your business.

Julie has such a friendly conversational tone that drips influence and her tips always help me take my business to the next level. If you are serious about growing as an influencer or business in general this podcast is for you.

Favorite Episodes:
  • 068 – Everything You Need to Know About Growing a Blog
  • 066 – The Real Reason You Aren’t Growing Online
  • 070 – What Brands Look for When Hiring An Influencer with Ali Grant
  • 059 – How to Grow, Stay Authentic, and Build a Thriving Business as a Creative with Carly Cristman

Check out The Influencer Podcast here on iTunes or on Stitcher and follow Julie on Instagram (@julssolomon)

  1. The Breakthrough Year Podcast by Sam Bell

The Breakthrough Year

Formerly known as the Brand It Girl Podcast, Sam Bell is a branding genius! From her Instagram feed (@thebranditgirl) to her podcast you can clearly see that Sam is good at what she does.

I love how in each of Sam’s interviews she is able to help others highlight their breakthrough moment.

If you are tired of hitting your head against the wall in your business then you need to take a page out of her book! The Breakthrough Year really focuses on giving us as entrepreneurs the blueprint to success.

Sam does a great job at speaking in a way that you know it is urgent to get your act together and implement a new strategy to see success in your online business.

The encouragement and inspiration you receive from Sam and her guests on the show are priceless and have motivated me to be consistent and recognize that this is my moment to shine and breakthrough to everything I could ever want or desire.

If you need some practical advice and insight for your online business give this podcast a listen.

Favorite Episodes:
  • 059 – How to Niche Down When Your Head is a  Whirlwind of Ideas!
  • 045 – How to Land Your First (or Next) Client This Month
  • 055 – Your Next 90 Days – How to Plan Your Content Calendar
  • 026 – Establishing Yourself as an Authority in your Field
  • 044 – 3 Things You Should Be Planning Out Each Quarter for Maximum Business Success
  • 038 – SEO in Style: The #Ladyboss Guide to SEO Optimisation
  • 037 – Get Protected: The Legals of Blogging

Check out The Breakthrough Year Podcast here on iTunes and follow Sam on Instagram (@thebranditgirl)

  1. She Did It Her Way by Amanda Boleyn

She Did It Her Way

This podcast by Amanda Boleyn never ceases to amaze me! There are always amazing interviews from powerful female entrepreneurs sharing how they obtained success their own way!

I love how this podcast advocates for doing business and living life on your own terms. Amanda is very insightful and really pulls the intimate details from the success stories of those that she interviews.

Every episode is packed with inspiration and I am always ready with pen and paper when I see she has a new episode.

I walk away from every episode with pages of notes and lots of ideas on how to execute what I have just listened to. Every episode is my favorite episode because every single time I listen I learn something new about myself and my business from the amazing women featured on the show.

If you are looking for inspiration beyond your wildest dreams and to really learn from other women and how they forged their own path, you have to listen to this podcast.

Favorite Episodes:
  • SDH 267 – How to Become 10x More Productive with Schedule Blocking
  • SDH 265 – Go from Part-Time Blogger to Full-Time Business Owner with Natalie Bacon
  • SDH 280 – Avoid These Legal Potholes when Starting Your Business with Rachel Brenke
  • SDH 243 – How to Bounce Back with only $400 in Your Business Account with Christina Stembel
  • SDH 266 – How to Build a Multiple 7-Figure Online Business with Amy Porterfield
  • SDH 255 – How to Effectively Implement Profit First When Starting Out

Check out She Did It Her Way on iTunes and follow Amanda on Instagram (@shediditherway)

  1. She’s a Creative Podcast by Kay H

She’s a Creative

So, I may be a bit biased but I had to put this on the list! On this podcast I interview women at different stages of their business and share their entrepreneurial journey. I also give tips and tricks on social media, marketing, and a whole lot of inspiration for your journey.

Give the SAC Podcast a listen and join our FREE Facebook community!

Favorite Episodes:

  • 009 – 3 Ways to Gain the Confidence to Share Your Creative Work
  • 007 – Using Social Media to Network as an Introvert
  • 004 – Social Media Strategy + Business Coaching with Allie Danae
  • 002 – Branding with Nay

Check out the She’s a Creative Podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud and follow us on Instagram (@shesacreativepodcast).

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