What I Learned About Community Building After a Year


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In one year the She’s a Creative community has seen so much growth and progress! The facebook group has almost 700 members, hosted my first event (Mind Your Business Event), published over 40 podcast episodes, hosted several meet ups, made tons of friends, and it just keeps going up from here.

When I reflect on this last year of the She’s a Creative Community I can’t help but to be proud of not only my progress, but the progress of all the members in the community. This has become a network where people can find opportunities and showcase their talent and Im here for it!

Here are 10 things I learned when cultivating a community:

1. It’s important to start slow.

I’m so glad I decided to grow this thing organically and slowly. We are all such a great fit for each other. 

2. Service First

A lot of my biz coaches are frustrated with me because I didn’t actively monetize the group this past year, but the truth is that I created this space to build a community first.

I think it’s crucial when first starting a community to focus on what value can you add. I help people grow their businesses through social media tips but I also am an accountability partner and cheerleader. I’m pretty sure most of y’all have met me in person or feel comfortable talking to me and that’s what I want! 

3. There will be times when you see no growth, so pivot.

There were several times this year where I honestly considered shutting this all down. There were no new followers, no new group members, and almost no engagement. So what was the point.

Then I got smart and tried new things like going live and doing challenges. I realized that sometimes doing the same thing over and over again gets stale and need to be switched up! 

4. Take advice with a grain of salt

Don’t take advice from someone you don’t want to trade places with.

I’ve gotten so much advice about what to do with the tribe it’s ridiculous.

I tried creating merch, monetizing the group with memberships, and usually when I took someone else’s advice against my own thoughts iy didn’t work

5. Show up consistently and be transparent

We all talk about transparency but it’s not about baring your soul… it’s about showing others you’re human

6. How to recruit members

This was so hard in the beginning but what I did is I shared it on my social platforms then I created an incentive for members to add their friends.

In the beginning I didn’t require email addresses sonit was very easy for people to join 

7. I should have required emails from the jump

I have an email list of over 400 and that’s where I do the bulk of my selling. I’ll share here and there in the group but I try not to overwhelm y’all! There’s power in having an email list and now that the group is almost to 700 I wish I had more emails to communicate outside of social

8. If it’s not working, stop doing it.

Blogging killed me in the beginning. 

Now I only write blog posts for the podcast show notes

I’ll start blogging again on my personal blog but it’ll be more fun!

9. Don’t compare yourself to other communities

I see other tribes flourishing and sometimes it’s hard to watch people gain thousands of new people per day but guess what… I’m pretty sure none of those tribes have anything on us 🤷🏾‍♀️

10. Just start it.

I wish I’d’ve started earlier!

xoxoxo Kay

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