What Problem is Your Business Solving?

Hey Darlings! Glad you are still hanging in there with me! Today I have a really important question for you! What problem is your business solving? Is your product or service adding value to your audience/potential clients?

I really want you to take some time and think about this question.

The important thing to remember in your business is that people will buy something when you are solving a problem. As businesses we have to add VALUE to our potential clients. How is your product or your service enhancing the life of others?

In this episode, I give an example on how my wedding photography business solves problems and makes life easier for my brides.

Now is the time for you to take some inventory on your business and what your future goals are as a creative entrepreneur.

The most important thing you should focus on is how are you adding value to your audience. When you create a new idea or think of a new product you would like to sell, put yourself in your potential customers shoes. Is this something that will resonate with them?

So often we get caught up in our own heads and our own ideas and we forget that there are real people that follow us and that we should fulfill their needs.

Consistently being mindful of how our products and services serve others will help our businesses grow to the next level.

Let’s connect!

Comment below and tell me what problem your business is solving and how are your products and services adding value to your audience.

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